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Stock-taking 16-20. 08. 2018

We would like to inform you that our warehouse will be closed for stock-taking between 16th and 20th August 2018. It is essential to carry out periodic stock-taking to maintain the accuracy of our inventory, unfortunately this affects our business management software and subsequently our sales team’s usual daily operation. Due to this we are unable to register and dispatch any orders in the above indicated period.
Our order deadline for blank orders before the closure period is Wednesday 15th August at 11:00 am. Any orders received after this time cannot be registered and dispatched until Tuesday 21st August. If you wish your printed order dispatched until 14th August, please consult with our sales team.

Due to maintenance and development work, our website and web shop will be also unavailable during this period.

Please kindly take into consideration the above information and schedule your orders accordingly.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.