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André Philippe’s philosophy: Every moment matters! André Philippe is the style of active and dynamic businessmen who are receptive for the joys of worldly metropolitans. Sporty, casual and moderate. Excels from a crowd, but not by being flashy but being in perfect harmony. Special care is given to master the details of the André Philippe brand, to choosing pertinent and quality materials. This is reflected by the solely natural textiles; genuine cotton t-shirts, authentic silk ties and scarves, real leather, double sewn wallets, belts, stationery André Philippe collections made of stainless steel and metal.  André Philippe advertises the integral shape-content-shape unit. This view is also present at the quality of the packaging.





Antonio Miró is currently a benchmark in the Spanish Fashion Industry. His international awareness has been consolidated in Shows like Paris, Milano, New York or Tokyo, and his collections are based on well deserved prestige, with a personal touch based in simplicity and perfection. A minimalist per difinition, whose success is based on elegance.