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Online tools


Our online tools are sales support solutions that are based on our webshop. You can create your own online store tailored to your image or direct your customers to our neutral distributor portal, both of them provides the same product/stock information and filtering options that you know from ANDA's webshop.


COOL-SHOP, the webshop wizard

We created COOL-SHOP, ANDA’s white-label webshop solution, which lets you create your own webshop within 5 minutes.

Beside running your business it is not easy to find the TIME and MONEY to build up a professional online store for your products. This is the reason why we created an easy to use and feature rich webshop solution for your promotional business. It’s not only user-friendly, but completely FREE!


More information – our neutral distributor portal - has a new and convenient platform that is fully based on our webshop. It makes all the special filtering options and the most recent product information available.

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