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Give a full gifting experience with unique packaging


Your printed promotional products make a more memorable impression in personalized packages. That's why we provide you a full service of packaging with matching custom gift boxes and paper sleeves. CreaBox and CreaSleeve gift boxes, as the members of the highly customisable BE CREATIVE Collection, can be full-colour printed with your unique design to match your brand and message perfectly.

Part of the BE CREATIVE collection.

Made in EU.

Available from 50 pcs.


Take your gift packaging to the next level and
create gift boxes and paper sleeves with your own design

1. Choose your product!

2. Personalize it with your logo.

3. Design your custom CreaBox or CreaSleeve.

4. Have your product delivered in a custom package.



Accompany your printed promotional gift with a custom full-colour printed box. Our well-known CreaBox custom gift box programme gives an exclusive gifting experience and a professional look for any present. We offer two types of digital printed boxes for selected items:

Single-layer cardboard boxes for smaller products

Corrugated cardboard boxes for bulky and fragile items

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The CreaSleeve custom paper sleeve programme lets you create your own full-colour paper ring for many of our products in our collection, offering a stylish yet economical packing alternative to our existing CreaBox custom gift boxes. We offer two types of digital printed paper sleeves for selected items:

White paperboard for vivid colours

Kraft paper for a natural look

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How can you find the products with custom packaging option?

Look for the CreaPack icon in the catalogue.

Enter product code to the Search field in the webshop to find both the product and the matching CreaSleeve and CreaBox as a result.

Check the Packing details section at the product info page in the webshop.

If you would like to explore even more packaging options, please contact your sales manager!


Standalone CreaBox Gift Boxes

Besides our product-specific CreaPack options, we offer standalone CreaBox gift boxes for your general packing needs. The boxes listed below can be ordered independently so you can fit multiple promotional and traditional gifts in one package. 

The listed prices include the full-colour printing of the boxes. Minimum order quantity is 50 pcs. Delivered flat-packed.

CreaBox Postal gift boxes

Custom made, full-colour printed corrugated cardboard postal gift box with self sealing strip.

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CreaBox Lid-bottom gift boxes

Custom made, full-colour printed corrugated cardboard lid-bottom box.

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CreaBox Pillow gift boxes

Custom made, full-colour printed paperboard pillow box.

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