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BE CREATIVE is a special product collection that lets you create perfectly customized and truly unique promotional gifts. These items give you the freedom to present your brand with bold, full-colour designs that can be easily integrated into your corporate image. Some of the BE CREATIVE items even give you the opportunity to mix and match the colour and material of the product parts or design your custom shape to make them more outstanding.

Find inspiration among our illustrations – we use various natural and geometrical patterns as well as animals in vivid colours to illustrate the high level of customisation possibilities.




The BE CREATIVE Collection lets you create unique and memorable messages and images by offering a high degree of customisation.




The BE CREATIVE Collection consists of special products, developed and hand-picked with creativity and special customisation in mind. Imprints are almost entirely made with digital technologies, ensuring colourful and high-resolution prints.




BE CREATIVE products are custom-made in our in-house production facilities or assembled from our stock of parts. They are manufactured, assembled or printed in Europe. This ensures short delivery time and low minimum order quantity, even for entirely custom-made products.


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We designed our newest Be Creative e-catalogue to help you find the personalized promotional gift, that fits best into your corporate identity. On every page we present different features and customisation options of a product or product group. All you have to do is choose from a variety of materials, colours, shapes, sizes and printing technologies.

This year the BE CREATIVE e-catalogue includes the downloadable template for every item and CreaBox, so you can easily design your graphics.

BE CREATIVE 2021 e-catalogue is available with animated cover options.



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