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A product collection unlike any other

BE CREATIVE is a special product collection that lets you create perfectly customized and truly unique promotional gifts. While most products can be provided with your company’s logo or other small text, the BE CREATIVE collection goes even further and allows you to design the whole appearance of the product. These items give you the freedom to present your brand with bold, full-colour designs that can be easily integrated into your corporate image. Some of these items even give you the opportunity to mix and match the colour and material of the product parts or design your custom shape to make them more outstanding.

Our webshop and our catalogues use distinctive icons so you can easily identify the benefits of products.

BE CREATIVE novelties every year.

Low minimum order quantity.

Products made or assembled in Europe.

products in our webshop


Unique, innovative, accessible

Our BE CREATIVE collection has greatly expanded over the years, now providing hundreds of promotional gifts to choose from. These special products were designed with creativity and special customisation in mind. We choose the most optimal materials and forms, so you can reach your promotional goals at any budget with quality products. We make sure that our items do not only grab the attention, but they are also practical and useful.

High-quality printing

Imprints are almost entirely made with digital technologies, ensuring colourful and high-resolution prints. BE CREATIVE printing is unique in a sense that it lets you customise most – or often the whole surface – of the product, with photo quality full-colour patterns. Some of our products utilize technologies that are exclusively designed to increase their customisation options. The printing cost of BE CREATIVE items is already included in the product’s price, so you don’t have to worry about additional calculations (the setup charge is not included). You can find more information about our printing technologies in the Printing page of our website.

Printing technologies


Made or Assembled in Europe

BE CREATIVE products are manufactured, assembled or printed in Europe. Our Made in EU products are custom-made in our in-house production facilities. After the printing, we assemble these products ourselves and prepare for shipment within a few days. Other items are assembled from an extensive stock of many different parts stored in our warehouse. This constant availability ensures short delivery times and low minimum order quantities, even for entirely custom-made products.

Made / assembled in EU


How it works

1. Choose your product.

2. Choose the material, colour, size and shape.

3. Choose the printing technology.

4. Discover the packaging options.

5. Download the graphics template.

6. Create your own design.


You can take a look at our annual BE CREATIVE e-catalogue where we showcase all the popular and impressive BE CREATIVE products or go straight to our webshop to see the collection. If you found a product that’s fitting for you, you can find detailed information about the available customisation options on its end page. Depending on the product, you can customise its size, material, shape and colour, then choose a printing method.

When the time comes to design your own pattern, you can find inspiration among our pre-made illustrations – we use various natural and geometrical patterns as well as graphics of animals in vivid colours to illustrate the high level of customisation possibilities. Our printing templates give you a more specific look about how and what you can print on each product.

Optionally, you can find custom packaging options to give your product an especially unique feel. If you would like to learn more about the process of ordering through our webshop, please visit the Webshop Tutorial page.