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COOL 2023 Catalogue

Check out all the new items we've included in COOL 2023 catalogue and find the perfect gift for any occasion. What to expect in COOL 2023 Catalogue:

  • Over 550 pages.
  • More than 150 novelties.
  • More than 1800 unique items.
  • Animated e-catalogue.
  • GO GREEN and Made in EU products.

Our COOL 2023 catalogue is available with custom covers. Please contact your Sales Manager for printed catalogue pricing!



YES 2022 Catalogue

Give meaning to giving with the YES 2022 catalogue and prepare for the holidays with the perfect promotional gifts. The features of the YES 2022 catalogue:

  • More than 100 Novelties.
  • Over 70 well-designed pages.
  • Animated cover selection and pages for your e-catalogue.
  • Exclusive collection of Christmas products, culinary gift sets and novelties.

Our YES 2022 special cover selection offers static cover options for printed catalogues and animated covers for digital catalogues.



BE CREATIVE 2022 e-catalogue

Find inspiration in the BE CREATIVE 2022 e-catalogue and create the most unique promotional gifts possible! The BE CREATIVE 2022 e-catalogue provides:

  • More than 330 customisable items.
  • Over 200 stylish pages with animations.
  • Products that are made or assembled in Europe, ensuring short delivery times and low minimum order quantities.
  • Step-by-step guidance to create the design of BE CREATIVE products.
  • Downloadable printing and CreaPack templates.

The BE CREATIVE 2022 e-catalogue is available with animated covers.



GO GREEN 2022 e-catalogue

The GO GREEN collection helps you achieve your promotional goals in a more sustainable way. What to expect in GO GREEN 2022 e-catalogue:

  • More than 100 novelties.
  • More than 350 unique items.
  • Over 240 pages of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly promotional gifts.
  • Eco-friendly Made in EU and BE CREATIVE products.
  • Stunning catalogue pages with animations.

GO GREEN 2022 e-catalogue is available with animated cover options.