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COOL 2021 Catalogue​

Our COOL 2021 Catalogue is arriving soon. In the meanwhile, we would like to give you a brief overview of our upcoming annual catalogue. What to expect in COOL 2021 Catalogue:

  • More than 150 Novelties.
  • Presenting several Made in EU novelties.
  • New BE CREATIVE products.
  • Including ecological GO GREEN novelties.
  • More than 1600 unique items.

Our COOL 2021 catalogue is available with custom covers.



YES 2020 E-Catalogue​

Have a look at our new Christmas e-catalogue!

YES 2020 brings you the well-known Christmas collection with several novelties, presented in a new and improved e-catalogue format. Check out all the new products we’ve included in YES 2020 e-catalogue and find the perfect gifts for any occasion.


Our YES2020 e-catalogue is available with custom covers.



COOL 2020 Catalogue​

Check out all the new items we've included in COOL 2020 catalogue and find the perfect gift for any occasion. What to expect in COOL 2020 Catalogue:

  • More than 200 Novelties.
  • ~50 Made in Europe novelties.
  • ~50 Go Green Ecological novelties.
  • New Be Creative Custom products.
  • More than 1600 unique items.

Our COOL 2020 catalogue is available with custom covers.



BE CREATIVE E-catalogue​​

Take a look inside our brand new BE CREATIVE catalogue, and discover the special customization options our product collection offers.

UNIQUE: The BE CREATIVE Collection offers a high degree of customisation.
INNOVATIVE: We manufacture and imprint these products utilising the latest Technologies.
ACCESSIBLE: The BE CREATIVE Collection is manufactured, assembled or printed in Europe, ensuring short delivery dates and low MOQ.


Our BE CREATIVE e-catalogue is available with custom covers.




GO GREEN E-catalogue​​

Natural, sustainable and eco-friendly promotional gifts.

The GO GREEN collection helps you achieve your promotional goals in a more sustainable way.
The products in this catalogue provide greener alternatives to traditional items. They are fully or partially made of natural, sustainable or recycled materials or provide a substitute to a normally disposable everyday item.


Our GO GREEN e-catalogue is available with custom covers.