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Discover our diverse product pallet and choose your favourites from thousands of items. We offer a wide range of products from everyday promotional pieces to unique, custom made gifts. Our experts are at your service with the latest trends and creative ideas.


Our supply

Our company distributes a diverse collection of products to meet every promotional needs. Whether you are searching for everyday products or promotional gifts for a special event, our colleagues are at your service to help you realize your ideas and wishes. In addition to the most popular products, we also offer electronic devices, kitchenware and textiles.


COOL 2024 products



The GO GREEN collection helps you achieve your promotional goals in a more sustainable way. Our products indicated with “GO GREEN” icon provide greener alternatives to traditional items. They are fully or partially made of natural, sustainable or recycled materials or provide a substitute to a normally disposable everyday item.


GO GREEN products



Do you need to create a brand new and extraordinary look? You are at the right place. The BE CREATIVE Collection offers a high degree of customisation. These special products ensure that your message is always presented in style. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


BE CREATIVE products



Look for something elegant and stylish? We offer a collection of high quality products by renowned fashion designers. Choose your favourites whether elegance or comfort is your priority: beside the elegant accessories and clothing, you will also find a more relaxed, sporty style.


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