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We created COOL-SHOP, ANDA’s white-label webshop solution,
which lets you create your own webshop within 5 minutes


Beside running your business it is not easy to find the time and money to build up a professional online store for your products.

That is the reason why we thought a new and revolutionary solution is needed for you, for running your promotional business. It’s completely free and easy to use!


What do you need to create your own webshop?

  1. Request your COOL-SHOP from your Sales Representative.
  2. Go to Anda Present’s website.
    Login to your Profile menu and start the wizard!
  3. Set general and visual settings:
    Name your COOL-SHOP and customize the appearance to your corporate image
  4. Create your content:
    You can set the languages, upload homepage banner, create „About us” page and create different content pages like shopping information, terms and condition to your webshop
  5. Finetune the operation setup of the webshop:
    Display stock information, prices and printing prices and make it enable  to you customers to place orders in the webshop

Congratulations, you are ready to use your COOL-SHOP!


We know all the difficulties and resources needed for building up a new online store:

  • Hiring a developer and dealing with webhosting
  • Finding a designer and a photographer
  • Building up the webshop
  • Uploading the images of products
  • Creating content
  • Calculating prices
  • Making online stock information available
  • Managing the stock
  • Creating information about the printing options

With our COOL-SHOP wizard solution you will:

  • Always have an up-to-date product selection and stock information 
  • Customize the appearance to your corporate image by adding your logo, banner and corporate colour
  • Create different content pages like Shopping Information, About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy 
  • Display prices – use our industry list prices or set your own markup pricing
  • Enable printing calculator – set your own markup on printing prices
  • Let your customers place orders in your webshop for blank and printed products
  • Be able to use your webshop as an online catalogue portal
  • Have the availability to set up to 9 different languages

Your website address will be: