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New quotation editor and cart saving function

Try out our renewed quotation editor and the new cart saving features!

After setting up the default template, you can create quotations from which you can generate a PDF document. You can add products to the quotation from their end page, set their values individually, and add printing details and selling prices for different quantities. You can forward the generated PDF document to your customers in an elegant form with your own logo and contact info, even with a linked print-proof.

Discover the most important steps and information about the quotation editor function!

Furthermore, if your customer orders a product from a previously generated quotation of yours, you can add the order to your current cart with one click and forward it to us – the printing settings will be forwarded as well. With the new cart saving function, you can even store the content of your carts, which you can reactivate at a later date at will.

These new additions will make the management of your orders a lot faster and easier.